Grand Ducal Administration Building

Kuetemeyer-Schencke-Steinick’sche Foundation
administrative building

Fridericianum with Director’s Villa and gymnasium

This brick building, on the east bank of the Pfaffenteich, is richly ornamented in terracotta. It was named after the foundation created by the former Mayor, Hermann Kuetemeyer, and the maiden names of his two wives. The foundation devoted itself to issuing interest-free credit to citizens of Schwerin in financial difficulty and possessed a Grand-Ducal privilege.

Many terracotta elements were used in the façade design, in a nod to the Renaissance buildings from the time of Johann Albrecht I Duke of Mecklenburg (1525-1576) – such as the Fürstenhof (Prince’s Court) in Wismar. A new style derived from North German traditional building and typical of the region, was developed in Schwerin. Termed the “Johann-Albrecht” style, it had already been used for the remodelling of Schwerin Castle and was later used for the Fridericianum grammar school, and adopted by prosperous citizens.

Between 1942 and 2005 the building was a register office; it is now a dwelling.