Kaninchenwerder (rabbit island)

 “Pfaffenteich” (Priests’ Pond) with bank promenade

Demmler’s residence

The planned extension of the Residence in the 19th century was accompanied by the city’s westward expansion. The extension of the Paulstadt, the new city sector, included the construction of a promenade by the Pfaffenteich (Priests’ Pond), which started in 1838. By about the turn of the century many public, administrative and civic buildings had been constructed around the pool, reflecting the interaction between the courtly Residence and the citizens.

Back in the 12th century a dam was constructed at the end of the Ziegelsee, a northerly-situated lake, in order to provide water for the city moat and the “Grafenmühle” (Counts’ Mill) at the Burgsee. The Pfaffenteich probably gained its name, which is still in use today, from the canons and other clerics who lived nearby and exercised fishing rights in the area of the bank.

After 1840, with the expansion of the city, parts of the drainage system were canalized and covered over. They are still in evidence under the Mecklenburgstrasse. The expansion and improvements to the bank area were completed by 1881.