Getting creative for World Heritage! The call has gone out for everybody to take part in the journey to World Heritage status, so that the heritage can be passed on from generation to generation. Puzzle competitions, painting competitions and involvement campaigns give many thrilling options designed every year to unite the generations in this cause. The not-for-profit organization Friends of World Heritage Schwerin [“Welterbe Schwerin Förderverein”] devises these competitions and operates them in association with public institutions.

On 19 June 2016, the Open Day for the provincial parliament (Landtag), a prize-giving ceremony was held in the Plenary Chamber for the second puzzle competition „Petermännchen and World Heritage” in which over 400 children took part.

Since 2016 schoolboys and schoolgirls from the 6th to the 12th class tackled the topic of “Your Journey to World Heritage Status”. About 400 children and young people take part in the battle of ideas every year. Posters, books and stories were produced; a plethora of creative and artistic endeavour!