The Court Gardener Establishment was built in the style of a rural Italian manor house. It is a brick structure with a cellar and afforded ample living space for the Court Gardener, who was charged with supervising the Grand Ducal kitchen gardens. Two stable buildings also belonged to the Court Gardener Establishment.

Construction and built form

The Court Gardener's Establishment consists of a gabled, two-storey main building, a one-and-a-half-storey extension on the west side with a ridge at right-angles to that of the main building, and a small one-storey extension for the entrance on the east side. Glazed brock bands divide and decorate the facade of the main building in the same fahion as the Grand Ducal Gunter's Lodge and the Grand Ducal Steam Laundry, both also desigend by Willebrand. 

The stable building, constructed at the same time as the main building, with its galbe facing the street and a shallow-pitched gable roof. The ground floor is of solid construction, whereas the upper floor is a traditional timber-framed contruction with brick infill.