The Grand Ducal Court Laundry was a functional building, part of the Court infrastructure, and one of Hermann Willebrand’s last buildings.

One of the special features of the Schwerin Residence Ensemble is that not only the outstanding and imposing buildings have been preserved but also the rather less spectacular functional buildings, which were nevertheless very important for the day-to-day running of the Grand Ducal Court.

Contruction and built form

The Grand Ducal Court Laundrx is a richly designed functional building. Facing the Grosser Moor street, the solid-contruction two-storey building appears as a rectangular structure with a raised central projection. Adjoining the main building at right angles is a two-storey hall building. The facades are finely structured and ornamented with red brick bands, similarly to the Grand Ducal Hunters' Lodge and the Court Gardener's Establishment, also designed by Willebrand. 

After an interim use as a brewery, the building is now in use as a restaurant.